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Professional​ Profile

Liu Leo Liu is an Associate Professor and tenure-track faculty member at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), where he leads a dedicated research team focusing on the development of multi-active ambiphilic main group centers. He has been a member of the Early Career Advisory Board for several prestigious journals, including Chem (2020-2023), the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (since 2022), and Chinese Chemical Letters (since 2022). His contributions to chemistry have been recognized with several awards, including the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) Young Chemist Award (2022), the CCS Jingqing Rising Star Award (2022), the Huang Yao-Zeng Organometallic Chemistry Award for Young Chemists (2023-2024) and the Distinguished Lectureship Award from the Chemical Society of Japan (2024).


Education and Employment:


June 2022 - present:        Department of Chemistry, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech),

                                     Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

                                     Associate Professor (Tenure-track)

Sept 2020 - May 2022:     Department of Chemistry, SUSTech,

                                     Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

                                     Assistant Professor (Tenure-track)


Oct 2019 - Aug 2020:       Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory &

                                     University of California, Berkeley, California, USA

                                      Post-doctoral Scholar

                                     Advisors: Profs. F. Dean TosteKenneth N. Raymond and Robert G. Bergman

Oct 2016 - Sept 2019:      University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

                                      Post-doctoral Fellow

                                      Advisor: Prof. Douglas W. Stephan


Oct 2015 - Jun 2016:       Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian, China

                                      Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (5th year)

                                      Advisor: Prof. Yufen Zhao

Oct 2013 - Oct 2015:        University of California, San Diego, California, USA

                                      Joint Ph.D. study in Inorganic Chemistry (3rd-4th years)

                                      Advisor: Prof. Guy Bertrand

Sept 2011 - Oct 2013:      Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian, China

                                      Ph.D. study in Organic Chemistry (1st-2nd years)

                                      Advisor: Prof. Yufen Zhao

Sept 2007 - Jul 2011:       Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian, China

                                      B.Sc. in Chemistry

                                      Advisor: Prof. Yufen Zhao

Conference or Academic Communication after SUSTech:


25) Exploring the Frontiers of Low-Valent Carbon: Isolable Carbyne Anions and Carbenes with Inverted Electronic Configurations, The 104th CSJ Annual Meeting, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan (Mar 19, 2024) (invited keynote award lecture) (Host: Prof. Makoto Yamashita)

24) Ambiphilic Carbon Compounds, 金属卡宾前沿交叉论坛, Northwest University, Xi'an, China (Feb 25, 2024) (invited lecture) (Host: Prof. Ying-Feng Han)

23) Ambiphilic Main Group Compounds, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China (Dec 22, 2023) (invited lecture) (Host: Prof. Yaofeng Chen)

22) Ambiphilic Main Group Compounds, Peking University, Beijing, China (Dec 8, 2023) (invited OPSS lecture) (Host: Prof. Yan Xu)

21) Enhancing Stability of Monometal-Substituted Carbene, Carbyne Anion Complex, and Free Stannyne with Phosphino Substituents, 24th International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry, Ningbo, China (Nov 14, 2023) (invited lecture)

20) Multi-Active Ambiphilic Main Group Elements, 2023年合成化学青年学者学术交流研讨会, Guangzhou, China (Nov 6, 2023) (invited lecture)

19) Multi-Active Ambiphilic Main Group Elements, 南开大学元素有机国家重点实验室2023年学术年会, Nankai University, Tianjin, China (Oct 21, 2023) (invited lecture)

18) Stabilization of Ambiphilic Phosphorus-Boron Multiple Bonds, 中国化学会第四届硼化学会议, Fuzhou, China (Sept 23, 2023) (invited lecture)

17. Multi-Active Ambiphilic Main Group Elements, 河南省硼化学与先进能源材料实验室成立五周年学术研讨会, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, China (Aug 2, 2023) (Host: Profs Xuenian Chen and Qianyi Zhao) (invited lecture)

16. Tri-Active Ambiphilic Carbon Centers, The 33rd Chinese Chemical Society Congress, Qingdao, China (June 18, 2023). (invited lecture)

15. Multi-Active Ambiphilic Main Group Elements, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China (May 12, 2023) (Host: Profs Zhifang Li and Liliang Wang) (invited lecture)

14. Multi-Active Ambiphilic Main Group Elements, Ningxia University, Yinchuan, China (April 17, 2023) (Host: Prof. Kuanguan Liu) (invited lecture)

13. Tri-Active Ambiphilic Carbon Centers, 中国化学会第六届菁青论坛, Lanzhou, China (April 16, 2023) (invited lecture for awardee)

12. Tri-Active Ambiphilic Carbon Centers, 中国化学会第八届全国结构化学学术会议, Fuzhou, China (April 3, 2023) (invited lecture)

11. Multi-Active Ambiphilic Main Group Elements, 第二届活性反应中间体化学研讨会, Hefei, China (April 1, 2023) (Host: Profs Zhenhua Gu and Hanmin Huang) (invited lecture)

10. Tri-Active Ambiphilic Carbon Centers, The 17th National Synthetic Organic Chemistry Symposium, Jinan, China (Nov 12, 2022) (invited lecture)

9. Tri-Active Ambiphilic Aluminium Centers, The 12th National Organic Chemistry Conference, Hefei, China (Sept 27, 2022) (invited lecture)

8. Tri-Active Ambiphilic Carbon Centers, The 9th Chinese Coordination Chemistry Conference, Zhengzhou, China (Aug 24, 2022) (invited lecture)

7. Ambiphilicity at Main Group Element Centers, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Host: Prof. Jiaxiang Chu), China (invited lecture) (Dec. 09, 2021)

6. The Dynamic Nature of Organophosphorus Compounds, Suzhou Research Institute of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics (Host: Prof. Lipeng Wu), China (invited lecture) (July 17, 2021)

5. The Dynamic Nature of Organophosphorus Compounds, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (Host: Prof. Chao Zheng), China (invited lecture) (July 16, 2021)

4. Phosphirene-Phosphinidene Rearrangement, The 32nd Chinese Chemical Society Congress, Zhuhai, China (April 19, 2021).

3. Phosphorus: The Carbon Copy, Shandong University (Host: Prof. Lingbing Kong), China (invited lecture) (Dec 11, 2020).

2. A Journey with Phosphorus, Zhengzhou University (Host: Prof. Zheng Duan), China (invited lecture) (Nov 23, 2020).

1. A Journey with Phosphorus, Ningbo University (Host: Profs Yufen Zhao and Yile Wu), China (invited lecture) (Nov 11, 2020).

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