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Research at SUSTech


The research in the LLL group at SUSTech focuses on fundamental molecular organic/inorganic chemistry across d- and p-block elements in the periodic table. We are creating new chemical objects that are supposed to be non-existent. We will prove that, in fact, these objects can exist upon rational design. Basically, the main ideas for challenging these “non-existent” species originate from textbook knowledge (if you are preparing an interview with Leo, please brush up on textbooks). This challenge is not just for fun (of course it is very fun) and we will take up these unusual species to produce useful chemicals and oftentimes even more odd molecules.

More specifically, using an interdisciplinary approach combining synthetic chemistry, computational modeling and spectroscopic methods, the research we are working on is to develop the chemistry of multi-active ambiphilic centers and extremely electron-releasing centers based on main group elements.

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