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Research at SUSTech


The LLL group at SUSTech conducts research focused on the essential principles of both molecular organic and inorganic chemistry across the d- and p-block elements of the periodic table. We are embarked on a groundbreaking journey to synthesize new chemical structures previously thought to be non-existent. Our innovative approach proves that these unique entities can indeed be realized through meticulously rational design.

The inspiration for these groundbreaking investigations often stems from foundational textbook knowledge. Should you be preparing for an interview with Leo, a review of relevant academic texts is advised. While the challenges posed by these "non-existent" species are intellectually stimulating and indeed intriguing, they serve a purpose beyond mere intellectual curiosity. We leverage these unusual chemical species to create beneficial compounds, sometimes resulting in even more unconventional molecular structures.

More precisely, our research methodology employs an interdisciplinary approach, integrating synthetic chemistry, computational modeling, and spectroscopic techniques. We aim to develop the chemistry of (multi-active) ambiphilic centers based on main group elements. In doing so, we are not only advancing the boundaries of chemical science but also laying the groundwork for innovative applications in various domains.

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